Analytics as a Service
Smart algorithms that boost Procurement and Accounts Payable
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Our MissION
Provide the shortest route from data to value

What we do

Zuiver ICT develops 'smart' algorithms to further optimize and improve procurement and accounts payable. Our analytics are developed to solve problems.

What we deliver

We realize the shortest route from data to value in the form of analysis(s) that are offered as an online service. Finding the best way to response.

How we deliver

After uploading the dataset, the analysis is performed. The results are immediately accessible after the analysis are executed. In practise a lot of data analytics is taken place and is about answering the questions: what has happened. The real value lies in finding the best response That's our main goal and we deliver it to you as a on-line, on-demand service.

Our Ready to use Analytics


Zuiver ICT

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