About Zuiver ICT
Zuiver ICT helps you to optimize your procurement and accounts payable performance
about Zuiver ICt

Zuiver ICT was founded in 2013 and initially specialized in improving business processes using data.

Until 2020, the focus was on the use of Process Mining with which processes are visualized and analyzed based on data from information systems, e.g. ERP systems.

During our data-journey, the insight arose that many organizations are at the beginning of the same journey. The focus is still very much on gathering, storing and opening up the data in order to be able to generate the required reports.

However, much more business value can be generated from the data than unlocking data via a report. The development of data analysis is making substantial progress by using data science techniques. Much more is now possible. However, the chance of success is maximized if there is sufficient combined knowledge of data, business content and algorithms.

Zuiver ICT has the knowledge and experience to develop the (complex) algorithms and has therefore shifted its focus to the business functions Procurement and Accounts payable. In collaboration with our customers, we develop algorithms and analysis that deliver actionable insights en real business value.

To make it as easy and flexible as possible for you, we offer our analytics as an online service.

Zuiver ICT

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