Pay per use Analytics

The concept of pay per use analytics (PPUA)

We see that many organizations struggle with the application of data analyses, other than visualizing data and day-to-day monitoring using digital dashboards. The more intelligent the data analytics is, the more value will be generated. Our solution for this is to centrally develop advanced analytics for specific application areas and issues, and make them available online, to those who need it. The user cannot access the algorithms himself, but triggers the system to perform the analysis. The outcome of the analysis is the product that is delivered.

Pay per use is a pricing model in which customers are charged a fee, each time they use a product or service. This type of pricing is common for online services, such as internet access, email, and cloud storage.

Our Advanced (Spend) Analytics are offered as a pay per use product, Subscribing to our analytics gives customers on-demand access to specific (complex) algorithms that are hosted in the cloud by an external provider instead of being deployed locally within their own company infrastructure.

This can bean extremely beneficial arrangement for organizations. First of all, it can free up their resources so that they can focus on other tasks. Second, it can allow them to tap into the expertise of the experts at the analytics as aservice platform. Finally, it can help them get better insights from their data. For example, organizations that have been struggling to find valuable insights within their data will be able to get the valuable information they need by working with a trusted Analytics as a service provider.

Organizations can choose between using their own data science/machine learning team or using Advanced pay per use Analytics to save costs and to get immediate access to Analytics which is needed for their business.

The benefits of PPUA:

  • Lower costs because there is no need for data science, machine learning engineers or limited resources to work onsite (in your company) and you do not need to provision additional servers.
  • Analytics is delivered on demand, which means you do not need to plan ahead or take any extra actions. Analytics is ready when you are.
  • Analytics provides more flexibility because the cloud has high availability and simplicity of access (no additional costs for installing software).
  • Analytics as a service works using Analytics tools delivered from the cloud with no additional costs or hardware needed.
  • Analytics done in the cloud can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, real-time or automated to improve decision making and improve the performance of your business.
  • Analytics as a service algorithms are centrally maintained by our specialists, are up-to-date and are constantly being improved in terms of performance and accuracy.

Why PPUA from Zuiver ICT?

  • We are specialized in Analytics for Spend Management and Accounts Payable.
  • Our mission is to deliver the shortest route from data to real business value in a jiffy.
  • We deliver de results of the Advanced Analysis on demand and very economical for ourcustomers.
  • Our analytics are developed and tested in practise together with customers.

How can I benefit from PPUA?

After you let us know which specific analysis you want to execute on your data, you will receive a specification of the dataset from us. Next you can upload your dataset to our secured environment. The algorithm(s) is (are) executed and the output generated. We will send you the result within 24 hours. There are nofurther obligations associated with a test.

If you are satisfied with the result of the test, we are ready to execute the analysis on the whole dataset.

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