Pay per use

On demand usage

For the on-demand analysis that Zuiver ICT has developed is normally no need to execute them on a daily or real-time basis. The moment there is a need for the results of an analysis, it must be carried out. The execution of the analysis will then take place the moment you need the results.

In practice, we take into account the number of times an analysis is performed within a period of 6 months. The price is based on the usage; This means teh number of times an analysis is performed on a new dataset. The more often it is performed during this period, the lower the average cost per execution. The discount can be up to 30%

The prices mentioned are valid until December 31, 2022

We distinguish four categories of analysis:

Category 1

Data delivery by client


Price per visualization

Euro 250,-- Exl. VAT

Category 2

Data generation support possible


Price per analysis

Euro 500,-- Exl. VAT

Category 3

Data generation support possible


Price per analysis

Euro 750,-- Exl. VAT

Category 4

Data generation support possible

Matching & Clustering


Price proposal after test (see also note 3)


  • When creating a quantified Kraljic Portfolio Matrix, first coordination takes place about the data attributes and whether their contribution should be made dynamically transparent by means of adding one or more sliders. Based on these requirements, the Kraljic portfolio Matrix is generated and made available online.
  • An analysis where there are no iterations to perform the analysis. The dataset is delivered and the result can be used immediately.
  • Analyis in which one or more iterations take place. For example, the insight obtained after the first execution of the analysis has led to the insight that one or more data attributes must be added to improve the analysis outcome. For example in the case of a Purchasing or Invoice Process Analysis. It is not always immediately clear at the start of the analysis which influencing factors must be included in the analysis to get a sufficient result. After a number of iterations, this insight is obtained and the most suitable data set can be realized and the analysis executed. We use a window of 5 working days in which 5 iterations can take place before the analysis is finally delivered.
  • Duplicate Payment: The costs for a double payment analysis are 5% of the size of the double payments found.
    Performing a commodity classification. A classification is in fact not an analysis in the sense that a specific question is systematically analysed. When classifying, for example a machine learning algorithm is used to automatically translate product codes into item groups or product categories.

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