Price Pattern Recognition

In this price pattern recognition analysis you gain insight into the price fluctuations in product category, brand or supplier. This analysis enables you to determine, among other things, whether unwanted price increases have taken place, you can budget better, you can easily compare suppliers by brand and you are stronger in contract negotiations with your suppliers.

The algorithm detects whether there are sub-items within a productitem. This is necessary in order to be able to carry out a reliable price fluctuation analysis (in practice, other products or products that differ significantly in price are purchased for the same item code).

In the demo you see a simplified version of the analysis output. You are able to select one or more price patterns to see if these patterns occur in a particular quarter and how strong these patterns are. A [+] indicates that the price has increased 1 time. So 3 times a + indicates that the price has increased 3 times in a row. A [0] indicates that the price has remained the same and a [–] that the price has fallen.
‍In tab 3 you can further investigate the price fluctuation for 1 specific supplier at product level. In the demo it was decided to make this transparent for 1 specific supplier.

Note: data is fictitious